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By Michael S. Derby
(Reuters) – Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and Republican Senator Pat Toomey have joined together to propose legislation that would make it easier to get information out of the U.S. Federal Reserve's 12 regional banks.
The two senators said on Friday in press releases their proposed law would, among other changes, bring the regional Fed banks under what's called the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA.
The regional Fed banks, while overseen by the Board of Governors in Washington, are actually quasi-private institutions, technically owned by local private banks. The regional Fed banks contribute to monetary policy making and in the case of the New York Fed, implement it, while also regulating local banks and providing services to financial firms. They are not currently officially subject to FOIA, as the Board is.
In a press release, Sen. Warren's office said the law would make sure the regional Fed banks are responsive to congressional inquiries. Both senators have for some time pressed the central bank for various documents about ethics issues and other matters and have said the banks they have contacted have not been responsive.
The law would also fortify the central bank's Office of Inspector General, its in-house watchdog, which is currently investigating the financial market trading of several regional bank leaders, both retired and currently serving. Earlier this year, the Inspector General cleared Fed leader Jerome Powell and his former second-in-command Richard Clarida of trading violations, even as critics like Better Markets have questioned the thoroughness of the inquiry.
The Fed Inspector General is named by the Fed leader, and the proposed law would change that to make the investigations chief a presidential appointment subject to Senate confirmation. The law would also deny all government financial regulatory agencies the ability to refuse congressional requests for ethics-related information.
Warren's office said the law "would strengthen congressional oversight of the Fed and other financial regulatory agencies."
A spokesperson from the Fed declined to comment on the legislation.
At least one Fed watcher was doubtful the legislation has a future. Krishna Guha, an analyst at Evercore ISI, told clients, "we see this bill as unlikely to pass but it has enough bipartisan interest to attract ongoing attention."
(Reporting by Michael S. Derby; Editing by Aurora Ellis)
A Chicago jury found Christopher Jordan, 51, guilty of wire fraud affecting a financial institution after an eight-day trial in which prosecutors said he engaged in spoofing to defraud other market participants. The tactic involves placing and then quickly canceling orders to falsely create the impression of high demand or supply.
Some banks in the euro zone could struggle to pay back money borrowed from the European Central Bank as volatile markets make it harder to raise funds, the European Union's banking watchdog said on Friday. Banks had until recently been sitting on 2.1 trillion euros ($2.21 trillion) worth of cash from the ECB's Targeted Longer-Term Refinancing Operations (TLTRO), but are now repaying them after the central bank raised the borrowing costs on them.
"While the banking system has so far been relatively unscathed by the latest crypto crash, FTX’s collapse shows that crypto may be more integrated into the banking system than regulators are aware," the lawmakers wrote to the chiefs of the Fed, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in letters dated Wednesday and released by Warren's office on Thursday. "We write to express concern … and to inquire about how your agency assesses the risks to banks and the banking system associated with those relationships," wrote the senators, both Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee.
TOKYO (Reuters) -Japan's economy is not yet in a phase where the central bank can end yield curve control (YCC), its board member Hajime Takata was quoted as saying by the Nikkei daily, brushing aside the chance of a near-term exit from ultra-loose monetary policy. Under YCC, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) sets a -0.1% target for short-term interest rates and caps the 10-year bond yield around 0% to achieve its 2% inflation target in a sustainable manner.
Tesla (TSLA) closed at $173.44 in the latest trading session, marking a -0.34% move from the prior day.
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The Bank of Canada will likely need to keep interest rates at or above 4% for most of 2023 to cool an overheated economy and tame high inflation, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in a report. The central bank's benchmark overnight interest rate currently stands at a nearly 15-year high of 4.25% after a 50 basis point hike announced on Wednesday. The IMF, in its annual review of Canada's economy released late Thursday, said "the key immediate priority is to bring inflation down without triggering a recession," and that it welcomed the Bank of Canada's "decisive policy tightening."
Germany wants a joint European response to the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act that would involve simplifying rules on state support and expanding funding opportunities, according to a German economy ministry document seen by Reuters on Friday. The European Union could set up a programme to promote green technology by combining various funding elements to avoid budget constraints: the Innovation Fund could increase support for large-scale projects for clean technologies, for example, or the European Investment Bank (EIB) could take on more risk through guarantees, it said. The ministry document also suggests member states could anchor sustainability criteria more firmly in public tenders at the national level as well as extend or increase traditional subsidy programmes, but warned against local content requirements which favour domestic industry.
German asset manager IKAV in September agreed to pay $4 billion for Aera Energy, a Shell-Exxon business that produces nearly 25% of California's oil output. The closing is expected by the end of the first quarter next year, said Patrick Evans, a spokesperson for IKAV.
Amid supply chain difficulties stemming from China's zero-COVID policy, Foxconn's founder reportedly urged Chinese leaders to ease some of the country's guidelines.
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On Dec. 9, the leaders of Saudi Arabia and China met in Riyadh—Xi Jinping’s first visit there since 2016. He and his counterpart, crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, agreed meet more often and signed a number of deals broadly aimed at aligning the countries’ mid-term development agendas, China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Saudi’s Vision 2030.
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The initial spike in Tilray and other cannabis stocks came after reports surfaced that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer hoped to pass two cannabis reform bills before the holiday break. Top Republicans, however, managed to prevent the marijuana reform provisions from being attached to the version that was finalized Tuesday night. Federal banking laws keep Canadian marijuana companies like Tilray from doing business even in U.S. states that have legalized pot.
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