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30 November 2022

Ireland’s first Regional Development Monitor (RDM) has been launched at the National Gallery of Ireland. Accessible to all online and updated quarterly, the RDM enables easy visualisation and analysis of recent trends using interactive online dashboards, collating data from across a wide variety of authoritative data from national agencies.
The Regional Assemblies in Ireland, AIRO at Maynooth University and Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSI) are collaborating on this project to create a highly visual and interactive dashboard, or data hub, that provides users with a range of socio-economic and environmental indicators for regional and local authorities.
This resource has been created as a key monitoring resource for the Regional Assemblies to assist in the evaluation and development of Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies, and to enable local authorities in the preparation and implementation of City and County Development Plans and many other local plans and policies.   


Additionally, it will also prove a valuable reference and informational tool for all Government departments, public bodies, education, community groups, business and industry, as well as members of the public and the media, seeking accurate information on national and regional trends across a range of economic, social and environmental fields.
The monitor is built on GeoHive, the National Geospatial Data Hub from OSI. It collates national authority data sources from agencies such as the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). Developed in collaboration with Maynooth University’s AIRO – The All-Island Research Observatory, the Regional Development Monitor reflects the latest research and expertise. 
“The Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSES) are strategic plans and investment frameworks to shape the future development of our Regions to 2031 and beyond,” said Jim Conway, director EMRA, speaking on behalf of the Regional Assemblies. “The launch of the RDM is a major step forward in enabling an easy to use and effective way of monitoring the RSES and advancing evidence-based policy making and implementation.  It will be of great benefit to colleagues and stakeholders engaged in planning and policy development at all tiers of central, regional, and local government.”
President of Maynooth University, Prof Eeva Leinonen, said: “It has been a real pleasure to watch the evolution and launch of this important national project. The team at AIRO in Maynooth University have been researching and enhancing the standard of evidence-based planning in Ireland for many years. This latest collaboration with the Regional Assemblies and Ordnance Survey Ireland is a product of this research and expertise and will be recognised as international best-practice.”
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