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RIGA – 5G affects not only internet speed, but also economy and welfare, said Environment Protection and Regional Development Minister Arturs Toms Pless (Development/For) at 5G ecosystem forum 5G Techritory on Wednesday.
Pless said that 5G Techritory forum has grown – from an idea on cooperation to one of the largest trendsetters, the largest platform and forum in the region. This forum gathers policy makers, telecommunication equipment makers, merchants, operators, startups and other stakeholders.
Speaking about Latvian national digital transformation, Pless said that there is ongoing work on data systems for public organizations. Data security is the first priority in policy making, and there is ongoing work in this area as well.
"The memoranda of cooperation signed during the forum will strengthen the cooperation wit the industry, decision makers and the education and science sector," said Pless.
At the same time, he called on participants to use the 5G Techritory forum as a platform for development as 5G is not in the future, but it is here and now.
5G Techritory 2022 is a forum organized for the fifth year by Elektroniskie Sakari in cooperation with the Latvian Investments and Development Agency, the Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry and the International Telecommunications Union.
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