Hybrid threats: EU concludes EU Integrated Resolve 2022 exercise – Présidence française du Conseil de l'Union européenne 2022

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European Council
Council of the European Union
* This is a joint press release issued by the Council of the European Union, the European Commission, and the European External Action Service.
The EU has concluded the EU Integrated Resolve 2022, a joint exercise co-led by the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and the European External Action Service.
Over the past three months, the EU has tested its preparedness and capacity to effectively manage complex, cross-sectoral crises. The exercise will help to enhance the EU’s ability to respond to a complex, hybrid crisis with both an internal and an external dimension.
Launched on 19 September, this exercise was structured in two phases. The first revolved around the planning of a Common Defence and Security Policy (CSDP) military operation and a civilian mission.
In the second phase, from 14 to 18 November, the EU was confronted with a simulation of various hybrid threats. EU institutions, EU Agencies and bodies, and 20 member states took part in this simulation.
During this phase the exercise was taken to the very heart of the EU’s decision-making process, with a debate organised at the level of EU member states’ ambassadors and the activation of the Council’s Integrated Political Crisis Response arrangements (IPCR).
The exercise was then marked by the execution of the CSDP operation and mission planned in the first phase. This included a Live Military Exercise carried out by ‘HELBROC BG’, the EU Battle Group with Greece as the Framework Nation and Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Ukraine, Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia as Troop Contributing Nations, as well as an evacuation event in an EU Delegation.
EU Integrated Resolve 2022 also helped strengthen EU cooperation with NATO. In parallel with the second phase of EU Integrated Resolve 2022 from 14 to 18 November, NATO carried out the table-top exercise PACE 2022. During this period, NATO and EU staff exchanged information about decision-making procedures in both organisations. This was an opportunity to test their respective crisis management procedures and to coordinate at multiple staff-to-staff levels.
Overall, EU Integrated Resolve 2022 offered a valuable and timely opportunity to test the EU’s response to hybrid campaigns, following the adoption of Council Conclusions on a Coordinated EU Response to Hybrid Campaigns. It was also in line with the EU Strategic Compass, which provides a shared assessment of possible threats and guidance as to EU response. The EU is facing unprecedented times that require unity of action, swift decision-making, and a rapid, effective and coordinated European response. This successful wide-scale exercise is one of the concrete actions taken to improve the EU preparedness and response mechanisms and related decision-making processes.
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