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Your chance to learn about the key factors to know when making crop insurance coverage decisions as we head into another volatile year. 
As farmers look ahead at rising operating costs and tightening margins, upcoming crop insurance decisions will be more important than ever before. Understanding how to leverage precision ag technology as part of crop insurance planning can make a difference in risk management and overall profitability. 
“Crop insurance has long been important to farmers and ranchers, but there are opportunities to make the risk management decision-making process ever more efficient and effective when you employ precision tools,” says Agri-Pulse Editor Sara Wyant.
During the upcoming Dec. 1 Agri-Pulse webinar, “How precision pays with crop insurance,” you’ll have a chance to hear from key leaders who will discuss how utilizing precision data for crop insurance not only provides efficiency but affects premiums and claim experiences. 
The webinar is free but registration is required. It takes place at noon central time and is sponsored by Farmers Mutual Hail. You can sign up by clicking on this link.
Speakers include:
Administrator Marcia Bunger is the Administrator of USDA’s Risk Management Agency. She has over 25 years of experience working for USDA in the Farm Service Agency. Previously, Bunger founded an agriculture consulting limited liability company providing assistance to area farmers and ranchers and to work with a local crop insurance agency selling and servicing crop insurance policies. She is also the owner and operator of a 2,000-acre, family-owned farm. Bunger graduated cum laude and received her bachelor’s degree from Augustana College.
Matt Olson is the manager of Precision Ag Go-To Market with John Deere Agriculture & Turf Division. He leads the product marketing process for Precision Ag Technology in North America. He is responsible for marketing equipment and precision-ag technology to help farmers increase yields, decrease costs and increase the efficiency of the work they do.
Jeana Harms is an agent with Agri-Risk Solutions and farms in western Nebraska, growing corn, sugar beets, dry beans and wheat. She began her career in crop insurance when she accepted a job with Farm Credit. During her 15 years there, she dealt with ag customers for both crop insurance and lending. Harms was raised on a ranch in Wyoming and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
Zach Allsup is assistant vice president of external claims at Farmers Mutual Hail. He oversees FMH’s crop insurance field claims operations across the country. He previously managed internal claims teams at both FMH and John Deere Insurance Company and has also worked as a claims analyst and claims training specialist, bridging between field employees and IT departments to identify technology enhancements.
Agri-Pulse Editor Sara Wyant will serve as moderator for the event on Dec. 1 at noon CT. Registration for the webinar is free. You can sign up by clicking on this link.
This week’s Open Mic guest is Chris Novak, President and CEO of CropLife America. With the dust still settling from the mid-term elections, officials with the crop protection industry have set their sights on the lame duck session of Congress, hopeful that Environmental Protection Agency funding and the Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act can see action by legislators. Novak discusses the regulatory bottlenecks at EPA, the impacts on bringing new, more sustainable crop protection chemicals to market, as well as new questions by environmentalists about the Endangered Species Act. Novak says the industry is facing economic headwinds from higher energy and operating costs but expects to have products in place to meet farmer needs for the 2023 crop year.
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In this opinion piece, former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., discusses strategies that she believes the farming community can undertake to lessen the impact of inflation, while the government also works on solutions.
Agri-Pulse joined the nation’s farm broadcasting community in Kansas City this week for discussions with some of the leading voices in agriculture, including top officials from the Biden administration. In this week’s show, USDA Undersecretary Robert Bonnie, EPA Ag Advisor Rod Snyder, and Chris Bliley with Growth Energy discuss the latest issues in conservation, water regulations, biofuels policy and more. 
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