How Health Care Professionals View Their Organizations' Governance and Decision-Making | NEJM Catalyst –

Prepare to become a physician, build your knowledge, lead a health care organization, and advance your career with NEJM Group information and services.
NEW! A digital journal for innovative original research and fresh, bold ideas in clinical trial design and clinical decision-making.
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Concise summaries and expert physician commentary that busy clinicians need to enhance patient care.
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Information, resources, and support needed to approach rotations – and life as a resident.
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The authorized source of trusted medical research and education for the Chinese-language medical community.
Valuable tools for building a rewarding career in health care.
Information and tools for librarians about site license offerings.
The most trusted, influential source of new medical knowledge and clinical best practices in the world.
Accelerate innovation.
Address equity.
Increase value.
A survey of the NEJM Catalyst Insights Council finds that health care organizations’ strategic priorities have held steady — with even more emphasis on financial returns. Now including global data.


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