National Scorecard Ranks Arkansas 23rd Among States in Healthcare Affordability – ACHI – Arkansas Center for Health Improvement

November 15, 2022
Elizabeth (Izzy) Montgomery, MPA
Policy Analyst
Arkansas is ranked 23rd out of 50 states and the District of Columbia in healthcare affordability in a new analysis from the Altarum Healthcare Value Hub.
The 2022 Healthcare Affordability State Policy Scorecard ranks states based on policies aimed at lowering the cost of healthcare and outcomes achieved through those policies. The rankings are based on four categories: curbing excess prices, reducing low-value care, extending coverage to all residents, and making patient out-of-pocket costs more affordable.
For each category, the scorecard assigns a policy score and an outcome score, with a maximum of 10 points possible for each score and a maximum total of 80 points possible on the entire scorecard. The policy scores are based on policies a state has enacted to address healthcare affordability, and the outcome scores assess how impactful those policies have been. Outcome scores are also ranked separately by state; this is not done separately for policy scores. Some states are not included in the rankings for certain categories because the underlying data sources do not include data for all states.
Arkansas earned a total score of 32.1 out of 80 possible points. Here is a breakdown of the state’s score:
The report also includes several recommendations for Arkansas to improve its score, including:
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