Does the scrapping of e-tolls show problems with SA's public policy processes? – Radio 702

Clement Manyathela spoke to the Principal at the National School of Government, Prof Busani Ngcaweni about the importance of public policy-making and how it can be improved.
The poor policy choice of implementing e-tolls will cost the government billions.
Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana recently announced that controversial e-tolls would be scrapped.
According to Ngcaweni, the idea behind the e-toll project was well-intentioned, but there were limitations in the system that contributed to its failure.
What was evident was that there was a problem with scenario planning.
When developing a public policy, Ngcaweni said that public participation is extremely important, and policies will not work if there is no effective communication with the people.
Communication can make or break a public policy. If you do not communicate effectively, people will circumvent the intention, they will doubt what you are trying to do, and we may end up with policy not there.
He added that in South Africa when it comes to public policy, we are very slow to pull back if we see a policy is not viable, like in the case of e-tolls.
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