TOA to become the first Durham Municipality to provide honorariums to its Advisory Committees – Ajax

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For the 2022 – 2026 Committee and Board term, the Town of Ajax will be providing honorariums to the members of its Advisory Committees, making it the first municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham to do so.
Previously, the Town has provided honorariums to its three Quasi-Judicial Boards and the Ajax Anti-Black Racism Taskforce. Assigning value as well to the contributions of time, expertise, and lived experience of advisory committee members, in the form of honoraria, upholds the Town’s reputational leadership for good governance, progressive policy development, diversity, and inclusion. Honorariums are also anticipated to remove barriers to participation, encourage retention of membership throughout the four-year appointment and support diverse engagement of marginalized communities.
The Town currently has two statutory Advisory Committees in place:
Members of these advisory committees, as well as the Ajax Public Library Board, will join the following boards and bodies in receiving honoraria:
The Town looks forward to the upcoming term with its advisory committees and boards for future community engagement, opportunity building, and assisting staff with decision-making processes while providing honorariums to its members for their hard work, dedication and support throughout the four years. Details of appointment opportunities will be made available in early January 2023, through the Town’s website and social media channels.
“In preparation for the next Council term, staff recently conducted a comprehensive review of honorarium rates provided to members of Committees & Boards by comparable municipalities. The tiered honoraria schedule for the Town’s Committee & Board structure, which will include our advisory committees, sets an equitable remuneration framework for Committees and Boards based on the scope of responsibility for each body and works to eliminate barriers to participation and engagement.” – Sarah Moore, Legislative Specialist, Town of Ajax
“We value our advisory committees as much as our boards, as they provide Council and staff with additional and personal insight into the concerns and ambitions that Ajax residents have for their Town. We encourage other municipalities to follow suit with compensating all of their advisory committees, as the discussion, feedback, contributions, dedication, and work that goes into being an active and collaborative community member is at the core of what municipal government is all about. We have formed and accomplished many initiatives this Council term due to the contributions of our passionate committee and board members and look forward to the next.” – Mayor Shaun Collier, Town of Ajax
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