The world waits to see how the US votes in the midterm elections. – Bloomberg

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For months, developed economies have hoarded coronavirus vaccines and the raw materials needed to make them. Now, outbreaks in developing nations could give rise to new virus mutations that may circumvent existing vaccines. One global initiative, Covax, has spent the last year trying to prevent that catastrophic outcome. Here’s how.
World Races to Secure Gulf Oil for 2023 Amid Russia Uncertainty
EDF Nuclear Reactor Has Test Incident, Deepening Supply Concerns
BOE’s Pill Says Market Turmoil De-Anchored Inflation Outlook
Retailers in the US Push Big Holiday Discounts to Ease Inventory Avalanche
Nagel Says ECB Must Continue Rate Hikes Even If It Hurts Growth
China’s New Energy Vehicle Sales Jump 75%, Led by BYD Then Tesla
Cathay Pacific Set to Name Customer Boss Ronald Lam as Next CEO
The Pace of Tech Job Cuts is Reaching Early Pandemic Levels
Lyft Shares Drop as Active Riders Miss Analyst Estimates
Rakuten’s Bonds Tumble on Concerns Over Earnings in Japan
UK-EU Northern Ireland Deal ‘Doable’ by Year-End, Coveney Says
Germany to More Than Double Net Debt in 2023 to €45 Billion
Britain’s Hopeful Homeowners Cut Back to Keep Dream Alive
Banks’ Bet on Subprime Consumers Sends Credit-Card Balances to a Record
T Rex Skull Unearthed in South Dakota to Be Auctioned in NY
Discovery of Bronzes Rewrites Italy’s Etruscan-Roman History
Why the US Counts Ballots So Slowly
China’s Industrial Machine Chokes
These Bipartisan Deals in Washington Make Sense in 2023
Credit Suisse Spinoff Asks If World Needs a New Investment Bank
Will the No. 2 Movie Theater Chain Find a Happy Ending?
Twitter’s Big Debt Bills Add Urgency to Musk’s Turnaround Plans
Korea Urges More ESG Focus on Women to Address Fertility Crisis
Adidas, Nike Must Pick Up the Pieces After Antisemitism Ruins Deals
UK Provides $109 Million Climate Funding for Nigerian Farmers
Kerry Pitches Carbon Credits to Boost Green Spending in Poor Nations
Here Are the Most Consequential State and Local Ballot Measures
NYC Kids Are Still Leaving Public Schools in Pandemic-Fueled Exodus
Why Georgia Is Keeping Such a Close Watch on Atlanta’s Elections
Crypto Billionaires’ Brawl Triggers Contagion Fears in Markets
What’s the Howey Test and Why Does It Matter In Crypto?
Kim Kardashian Poised to Beat Investor Suit Over Crypto Hype


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