I clashed with Walmart staff over a policy making my shop cheaper – but I had inside information… – The US Sun

A WALMART shopper has purchased items for a lower price after a disagreement with a staff member.
Roland Toliver-Griff is a TikToker who called out two employees in a video that's now viral. In the TikTok video, he told the Walmart staff they didn’t know the store’s policy regarding mislabeled items.
They told the shopper that he was lucky as they adjusted his purchase price. He said it's the store's policy to charge customers the displayed price of an item, even if it’s mislabeled.
The video he uploaded to TikTok showing his encounter with the employees now has more than 19,000 likes.
"Consider yourself lucky," one of the Walmart staff members said, in the video, to the shopper.
He told that employee, who had Team Lead on her nametag: "That's not luck, that's Walmart policy."
She insisted that it wasn't the policy but the shopper said, when he worked at Walmart for seven years, the procedure was: "If it's two or more [priced incorrectly], then you get it for that price."
When that same Walmart staff member said: "I could deny it if I wanted to." The other staff member continued to scan the shopper's items while Roland said he'd just ask to speak with the manager if she did.
According to Price Match Guarantee, customers are entitled to receive the difference back up to $20 when a product is marked with the incorrect price at Walmart.
"If the price discrepancy is greater than $20, the decision will be escalated and determined by the Walmart manager."
Roland reiterated that he worked for the store for seven years and said: "So, I kind of know the policy. And unless y'all changed it, then it's like that."
The employee said that the policies change all the time and Roland told her that the customer-buying policy doesn't change.
"Because that's how y'all keep y'all customers," he said as the employee he was talking to put a code into the self-checkout register.
Roland adamantly denied that luck had anything to do with his discount. As the staff member finished changing the price for him, he could be heard saying: "Not lucky at all… There you are."
Other shoppers took no time agreeing with Roland in the comments of his video, saying that's, indeed, the store's policy.
"She couldn’t stand that you actually knew the policy," one person said.
"That’s definitely policy and boy do they hate it when you know it! I take pictures of prices that seem too good to be true," someone else added.
Walmart did not respond to The U.S. Sun's request for comment.
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